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  Prof   Brian Van_Arkadie

Senior Advisor

Prof. Brian Van Arkadie, Senior Advisor to ESRF and the Project Director to an ESRF Globalization Research project funded by the Ford Foundation has a PhD (1963), MBA (1957), BSc (Economics ) 1955 and MA (1971). Prof. Van Arkadie has authored and co-authored different books including Economic Shocks and National Policy Making: Tanzania in the 1970s and Overcoming Constraints on Tanzania Growth: Policy Challenges Facing the Third Phase Government which he co-authored with Professor Samuel Wangwe. He has worked as Senior Advisor, Consultant, Professor of Economics and Researcher in different part of Europe, America, East and West Asia such as Vietnam, Bhutan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uganda, Egypt, The Philippines, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova Zimbabwe, Zambia, Turkmenistan, Bosnia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Papua-New Guinea, Colombia, Palestine, Puerto Rico, India, Angola, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands and USA.

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