The Post Graduate Diploma Programme

The Post-graduate Diploma Programme in Poverty Analysis is a part-time one-year programme of international standard with specific emphasis on imparting investigative skills and capabilities for Applied Policy Analysis.

The programme is policy-oriented, skills-intensive and interdisciplinary in nature.

It aims to train policy analysts and researchers who are actively and locally (nationally or regionally) involved in research on poverty, vulnerability and socio-economic security & development and/or in the design,implementation and evaluation of programmes aimed at reducing poverty and universalising socio-economic security for the protection of the poor.

It is designed to give concept- and skill-based training at post-graduate level for those policy analysts and researchers who need to strengthen their skills and capabilities to be able to understand and draw upon the relevant literature, interpret and manipulate readily available data, make sense of research reports, and undertake their own (limited) investigative research.