ACP_South-South Migration

African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Observatory on Migration is a Project which was launched on October 2010 in Brussels-Belgium. It has 15 Consortium Partners and 4 associates including The Economic and Social Research Foundation in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

The project targets at the 12 ACP countries, its designed to produce data on South-South (ACP) Migration flows for migrants, civil society, policy makers and to enhance research capacities. The Objective of this project is to create a network of research centers and private researchers to provide policy makers as well as the civil society and the public with reliable and conclusive data on the ACP-Migration.

Among the most recent studies done by ESRF on Migration is"supporting an affordable electronic remittance transfer system between Tanzania and Uganda"prepared for IOM by Dr.H.Bohela Lunogelo-Executive Director in 2009.

The project research angles includes South-South remittances, Migration & Climate change, Labour Migration, Forced Migration, Migration and Health as well as

Inter-University Networks and Research Data and Policy Development on the side of Capacity Building.